Eagle Brewing Company

Lisiewski & Co.

20-40 Hayes Street

1897 -1920


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From Newark, New Jersey's Greatest Manufacturing Centre, Illustrated 1894:

This business was bought by Mr. Fred Lisiewski in 1889, who conducted it under the title of the Jumbo Brewery, and met with gratifying measure of success, the immediate demand that arose for his brew of lager beer showing how popular it was with the public. In a short time enlarged facilities were needed, and in August 1891, the important interests were duly organized and incorporated as a joint stock company with a paid up capital of $300,000 under the title of Eagle Brewery, with Mr. Frederick Lisiewski as president and treasurer.

The brewery plant is located on Hayes Street, fronting thereon from No's. 20 to 40. The main building is a fine structure 50 x 200 feet in dimensions, with a three-story wing 50 x 100 feet in sized, planned specially for the purpose, and is indeed a model establishment, and has no superior either in NYC or the West. To secure absolutely pure water, Mr. Lisiewski, at great expense, sunk two artesian wells, affording an inexhaustible supply. There is an ice refrigerating plant of a capacity of fifty tons daily, immense mash tubs, brew kettles, etc. Perfect arrangements for cooling and racking the beer, and spacious cellars in which the beer is kept at an even temperature until it is a true lager, and, as is so well known, all lager beer bearing the "Eagle" brand is fully ripened and is a most delicious beverage, brewed solely from the choicest of malt, hops, and pure water by the most scientific processes, standing in every way unrivalled.

This lager has become a popular favorite in the new York market, and is found on tap i many of the leading saloons of that city. Here is Newark and elsewhere throughout the State it is the popular favorite, and Mr. Lisiewski's laudable ambition is to permanently maintain the same high standard of excellence. As president and treasurer he enforces a thorough system of organization, and the brewery is a model concern.