Spratt's Pet Foods

18 Congress Street


Do you have a photo of this Building?
If so please email me.


From Al Trojanowicz:

In the early 1950s when I was little, I remember walking past a large commercial/factory building that made Spratt's pet food. They were a British company that originated dog biscuits (they called 'em dog cakes) but also made cat food too.

What was interesting about the building was that at the corner(s) near sidewalk level were glass frames with the "Spratt's" name made of 3D wooden letters in their trademark design of the shape of a "Scotty" dog. I think the letters were painted white on black, but some signs may have been black letters on white.

I would think this factory was in the area of Market Street and Riverbank Park. Does anyone remember the building or the signs. I would sure love to see a picture of it. I also wonder if this was their only plant in the USA.

Spratt's also marketed cat food, and for that had their name designed into the shape of a cat. Both designs were very clever.