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Walling V. W. Vreeland began his business in 1862.

Funeral Director From To Address
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1862 1863 125 Market Street
Vreeland & Tolles * 1864 1868 131 Market Street
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1869 1869 171 Market Street
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1870 1874 163 Market Street
Vreeland Brothers 1875 1876 30 Academy Street
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1877 1882 19 Clinton Street
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1884 1884 153 Market Street
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1885 1885 528 Broad Street
Vreeland & Utter * 1886 1886 528 Broad Street
Vreeland, Walling V. W. 1887 1891 528 Broad Street
Vreeland & Co. 1892 1893 408 Broad Street
Vreeland & Marshall 1894 1894 494 Broad Street
Vreeland & Albertson 1910 1910/11 465 Clinton Avenue
Vreeland, Elmer 1911/12 1912 973 Broad Street
Vreeland, Elmer 1916 1918/19 107 Elizabeth Avenue
Vreeland, Elmer 1919/20 1945/46 86 Elizabeth Avenue

From: Industries in NJ 1882

W. V. W. Vreeland & Co.

Undertakers, No 19 Clinton Street. Among the popular undertakers in Newark there are none better known than the firm of W. V. W. Vreeland & Company, who have their funeral furnishing room at No. 19 Clinton Street. the business is under the general management of Mr. W. V. W. Vreeland, who has been connected with it for more than twenty years and is ably fitted to fulfill the duties of the calling in a careful, considerate and satisfactory manner. He furnishes everything necessary for a funeral, including caskets, rosewood, walnut, and mahogany, plates, handles, and has every facility for embalming, and is prompt in his attendance day or night. He gives his personal supervision to the direction of funerals, and when desired furnishes hearses, carriages and looks after everything in a manner at once qualifying him as the proper person to attend to these duties. He is a native of Essex County, where he is well and popularly known, and for ten years filled the important and responsible position of Coroner, and was always found to be prompt, reliable and efficient in the discharge of his official duties.