Heller Brothers Company

865 Mt. Prospect Avenue


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Heller Brothers was one of the great late-19th century tool manufacturing companies. Rather than being a blacksmith made rasp, this tool is a product of the factory system that arose during and after the Civil War.

From “Industrial Interests of Newark” 1874

This well known file manufactory was established in 1865, under the present style, and today the productions of no firm in the same line of business are so celebrated as the American files and rasps made by Heller & Brothers.  Their goods are sold from Maine to California and are also largely exported.  These files and rasps have become so well known on account of their superior quality, that the name of "Heller" is regarded by all purchasers of files as a sufficient guarantee.  On this account inferior goods have been thrust on the market in imitation of the "Heller" brand.  The spurious article, however, may be easily detected by examining the brand, which in the genuine reads "Heller Rasp," while the imitation is stamped "Heller's Rasp."  Their goods are sold by all first class jobbing houses, and the firm has one of the most extended trades in the country.  The demand has so increased that during the present year they have been obliged to erect a larger factory with greatly increased manufacturing facilities.  The well known specialty of the fir is the "celebrated American horse rasp." The working force of the factory is 50 hands, the weekly wages are $350.  For 1873 the productions amounted to $50,000, but for this year will undoubtedly be much greater.