Hewes & Phillips Iron Works

Ogden & Orange Streets


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From: "Newark, the Metropolis of New Jersey at the Dawn of the 20th Century", 1901

The Hewes & Phillips Iron Works of Newark was established in 1845 by Messrs. Joseph L. Hewes and John M. Phillips. They incorporated under New Jersey laws at the start and there has never been a change in the corporate name then adopted.

Both of the esteemed founders, however, have passed away and the large industry which has grown from the plant they built in Ogden Street, more than fifty years ago, is now owned and controlled by the sons of Mr. John M. Phillips.

Edward L. Phillips is the president, Franklin Phillips, vice-president, George H. Phillips, assistant treasurer and Robert M. Phillips, superintendent. The works now cover one plot of ground 250 by 500 feet in area and one on the water front 150 by 200 feet in dimensions, with private wharf. Employment is given to about two hundred and fifty skilled men in the manufacturer of Corliss engines, tubular boilers, and steam fittings and the building of complete economical steam power plants of all sizes and capacity. The latter has been a leading specialty for many years and their trade in them and for all their high class products is extensive throughout the entire Western Hemisphere.

All the officers of the company were born and educated in Newark, all were practically raised in the works, so to speak, and all are prominent in social as well as business circles in this city. The company hold membership in the Newark Board of Trade and other business associations.