A. P. Littell & Son

460 Broad Street


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A. P. Littell & Son, Plumbers, Steam and Gas- fitters, and Manufacturers and Dealers in Hot-air Furnaces, Stoves, Ranges, etc., No. 460 Broad Street. — Among the many well-known and popular business houses located on Broad Street there are none enjoying a higher or more substantial reputation than that of the firm of A. P. Littell & Son. This house was established in 1870 by Mr. A. P. Littell, the senior member of the firm, who has always conducted it with marked ability and success. Recently his son, Mr. H. E. Littell, was admitted to an interest in the business, which has since been carried on under the firm-name of A. P. Littell & Son. Plumbing and gas and steam-fitting comprises one of the branches of the business and includes all kinds of sanitary plumbing and fitting up buildings with water and gas and steam heating apparatus, another branch in the manufacture of tinware, and also the manufacture of all kinds of sheet-iron work, which is largely carried on.

Messrs. A. P. Littell & Son also manufacture and deal in hot-air furnaces, stoves, and ranges, and make a specialty of setting furnaces and ranges and attending to general jobbing work belonging to their line of business. The firm have a large store, 25x100 feet dimensions, at No. 460 Broad Street, which has a double front and contains at all times, a full and general stock of all the various articles dealt in by them. They occupy the adjoining building, No. 458. A large trade is conducted with Newark and the surrounding section of country, and strict and prompt attention is given to all orders sent to them.

Mr. A. P. Littell is from Sussex County and has been in Newark many years, and for fifteen years actively identified with its business interests, and since 1870 has been engaged in his present business. He is one of the leading representative business men and citizens of the place and was for four years a member of the City Councils, serving on the important committees, and has always been an earnest advocate of every enterprise that had for its object the advancement of the prosperity and welfare of the whole community. His son, Mr. Littell, is one of the rising young progressive business men of the city, who enjoys a high degree of popularity in business and social circles.