L. A. Sayre & Company

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From: "Newark, the Metropolis of New Jersey at the Dawn of the 20th Century", 1901

Messrs. L. A. Sayre & Co., of Newark, are the most extensive manufacturers of steel punches in the United States. Their ticket punches are used by conductors everywhere and their round and oval punches are endorsed by manufacturers generally. They also manufacture many other hardware specialties and mechanics tools, hatchets, adzes, axes of all kinds, trowels, hammers, nail sets, claw tools, oil cloth knives, carpet stretchers, saw sets, screw drivers, can openers, plyers, compasses, chisels, saws, carpenters' and plumbers' tools, fruit parers, ice creepers, etc.

The industry was established by Mr. L. A. Sayre in 1884 and Mr. H. C. Condit has been a partner with him since 1894. The start was made in Orange Street and part of the present plant was built in 1892. Today it consists of four three-story brick buildings all connected with each other and covering together a ground area of 100 by 120 feet at Nos. 332 to 340 Mulberry Street and 10 to 14 Oliver Street. Nearly a hundred skilled mechanics and machinists are now employed and the trade covers every state in the Union besides reaching many foreign points.

Both members of the firm were born in Madison, New Jersey, and both are still highly esteemed citizens of that delightful borough.