Art Metal Works

7-15 Mulberry Street (Aronson Square)


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Newspaper Articles

July 31, 1904 - Newark Art Novelties at the St. Louis Exposition

From Pete Bruno

The Art Metal Works stood on the southwest corner of Center and Mulberry Streets across the street from the present NJPAC. The Art Metal Works, founded in NYC, was relocated to Newark in 1897. They became a well known manufacturer of art metal novelties. Among their products were clocks, jewel cases, desk articles, smokers articles, vases, candelabra, electric lamps, ink wells, religious and church goods, frames, statuettes, thermometers etc. The entire list included more than ten thousand items.

Louis V. Aronson, an inventor and businessman, was the owner of the Art Metal Works. In 1913, he patented the now ubiquitous pocket lighter . They were manufactured under the name Ronson, an abbreviation of the founder’s name. I don’t believe the name Ronson needs any explanation. The former intersection of Mulberry(now realigned) and Center Streets was named Aronson Square in his honor.