Newark Theatre

195 Market Street

Architect - Thomas W. Lamb


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Newspaper Articles

March 18, 1906 - Audience Saw Fire on Stage
October 10, 1906 - Henry W. Behman Dead
March 14, 1909 - Chorus Lady, A Fire Laddie
January 3, 1911 - Seven Days
December 21, 1913 - Newark Bars the Films
January 17, 1915 - Sale of Newark Theatre is Still Only a Rumor


From "The Moving Picture World, Volume 29, July 15, 1916

Remodeled for motion pictures in 1916 by Thomas W. Lamb, architect.  The total cost of improvements is placed at $115,000.  The two frame balconies, now in the playhouse, will be removed, and in their stead will be erected one balcony of steel and concrete construction.  The gallery entrance on Beaver Street will also be removed and an open court will replace the present unsightly entrance.  The main entrance and the lobby will be widened about twice the present plans.  It is not yet known when the improvements will be completed, but it is expected that it will be ready for use in the early part of the fall