Waldmann's Theatre

138 Market Street, corner Halsey Street


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Newspaper Articles

Unknown - At Waldmann's Theatre
October 28, 1900 - Selling City Property
January 18, 1903 - City Property Since the Founding of Newark to be Sold
April 26, 1903 - New Front for Waldmann's Opera House
April 8, 1906 - Market And Halsey Street Corner May Soon Be Sold
September 12, 1909 - Buys Market & Halsey Property

Waldmann's Theatre (Opera House) was the first theatre erected in Newark (1853). It was owned by Fred Waldmann. The property was occupied in 1835 by the Volunteer Firemen of No. 5 Engine Company. Later it was occupied by Neptune Hose Company in 1849 and then by No. 1 Chemical Engine. The building opened as the Newark Theatre on October 25, 1853. Later the name was changed to Waller's Theatre and then to the Newark Opera House. It became a vaudville theatre in 1880. Sometime during the 1880's it became known as Fred Waldmann's Opera House and was run as a high-class vaudeville house. The property was bought by William A. Baker in 1902 and remodeled.