Central Railroad of New Jersey

836 Broad Street: before 1881-after 1940
72 Ferry Street: before 1881-after 1940
350 Ferry Street: before 1881-after 1940


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Newspaper Articles

1871 - Train Wreck at Brill's Farm Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
December 17, 1905 - Man Ground to Pieces on Central's Tracks
November 25, 1906 - Scores Central Railroad
November 6, 1910 - Central Railroad Files Plans for $25,000 Station at East Ferry Street


The Last Days of the Central Railroad Terminal by Andrew Szymanski

The railroad raised the tracks starting in 1901.

The building pictured above is the second station building. The original station was torn down ~1914 to make way for this one. Permits were issued in December 1916 to start building.