American National Bank

245 Springfield Avenue corner Belmont Avenue


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From: "Newark, the City of Industry" Published by the Newark Board of Trade 1912

A potent factor in the upbuiding of any city is the presence there of well managed monetary institutions, and in this respect Newark has been particularly fortunate. The banks and trust companies are known widely as being in safe and conservative hands and in every respect stand for the city's advancement and solidity.

None of these institutions has served its clientele more acceptably than the American National Bank, which, within a few weeks, will occupy its new and finely equipped building at 245 Springfield Avenue. The bank had its inception when it opened its doors for business as a State Bank on November 19, 1908 and began business as a National Bank, December 9, 1909. The steady and uninterrupted growth of this bank is the best evidence that its policy and methods are in accord with the demands of the present day business needs.

A new and finely equipped building is just being completed, and will be occupied within a few weeks.

This bank is a depository for City, County, State and United States postal funds.