Howard Savings Bank

Main Office:

May 5, 1857 - 1862: NW Corner Broad & Bank Streets
1862 - 1883: 742 Broad Street
1883 - 1899: 768 Broad Street (first building)
1899 - ?: 768 Broad Street (second building)


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The bank was chartered on March 16, 1857 as the Howard Savings Bank.  It was named after John Howard, an eighteenth-century philanthropist who devoted his inheritance to the uplifting of the poor and improving conditions in prisons and hospitals in Europe.

Acquired by First Fidelity Bancorp in October 1992.
First Fidelity Bancorp changed to First Union in 1998.
First Union changed name to Wachovia Bank.
Wachovia Bank became Wells Fargo.

From: "Industries of New Jersey: 1882

The Howard Saving's Institution, No. 742 Broad Street. — The Howard Savings Institution was chartered under the laws of the State of New Jersey in 1857, and from that time until now shows, according to its latest report, a list of resources which must be highly gratifying to the management as well as to the depositors. From this it appears that the total assets are $4,696,780.95, amount due to depositors $4,444,227.95, while the bank holds a surplus over all liabilities of $252,553, a most favorable showing.

The business of the Howard Savings Institution is confined exclusively to receiving and caring for savings deposits, and to the working class and to women and children the facilities offered by the bank for securing a bank account by means of their savings cannot be overestimated. Interest is allowed, which commences first of March, June, September, and December. This institution, as will be seen from the following list of officers, is conducted upon a sound, conservative policy which cannot fail to be of advantage to depositors.

The president is Beach Vanderpool, Esq. ; vice-president, Stephen G. Gould, Esq.; treasurer, Joseph X. Tuttle, Esq., and secretary, Horace T. Brumley, Esq., with the following Board of Managers: Beach Vanderpool, James B. Pinneo, Jer. C. Garthwaite, Alfred L. Dennis, Horace J. Poinier, James H. Halsey, Henry N. Parkhurst, Henry C. Howell, James F. Bond, Samuel S. Dennis, A. Q. Keasbey, Thomas Oakes, Stephen G. Gould, Jacob D. Vermilye, James R. Sayre, Jr., F. T. Frelinghuysen, Jeremiah O'Rourke, Charles G. Rock- wood, Aaron Carter, Jr., Henry Hayes, Robert F. Ballantine, William Vanderpool, Frederick Frelinghuysen, and Benjamin F. Crane.