Security Savings Bank

766 Broad Street
742 Broad Street


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From: "Newark, the City of Industry" Published by the Newark Board of Trade 1912

The inception of this bank dates back to 1884, when a group of men realized that there was ned in Newark for another saving bank whose affairs should be conducted along safe and conservative lines, and the wisdom of this policy has been proven in the success of the institution. All investments made have undergone most thorough investigation, and the interests of the depositors ever been of paramount importance.

The State Government has active supervision over this institution, requiring several sworn reports each year and sending expert examiners to go over the books and securities annually. This bank must, by law, and in conformance with its own careful policy, always keep a safe amount of its deposits in available cash.

The fact that the bank carries insurance against daylight burglary, or hold ups and that the employees are heavily bonded, shows the thorough spirit of watchfulness over every detail of safety which protects the savings deposited there. The judicious management which has always characterized this bank, has earned for it the reputation of being conservative, which has been a source of gratification to all depositors.