Albert Fehleisen's Brewery

Old Fashioned Brewery

317 Orange Street


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Newspaper Articles

June 24, 1906 - Concerning Old Fashioned Beer and the Odd Character Who Brewed It

The Fehleisen's Brewery opened in 1859.  He also owned the saloon in front of the brewery.  Around 1886, he purchased the storehouse and vaults of Wackenhuth & Adam Brewery at 9 Jay Street.  A pipe was run across Orange Street between the storehouse and the brewery.  Albert Fehleisen started his career as a brewmaster for Vincentz, Ehalt & Boppe.  After leaving Boppe he started an establishment known as Branch Brook Brewery and then on to his brewery known as the Old Fashioned Brewery.  He died in 1906.  The brewery was sold to Birkenhauer & Berger.