Lyons & Sons Brewery

97 South Canal Street


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From “Industrial Interests of Newark” 1874

The Newark ale and porter brewery known under the above style was established in 1864 by Mr. Daniel M. Lyon. (Old Newark Note: The company was bought in 1864 by Mr. D. M. Lyon from the Frielinghaus and Rumpf Brewing Company). The business was thus continued until 1868 when the present firm was formed by the admission of his son, Mr. William H. Lyon, as a partner.  Although started but ten years ago the firm has now an extended business, and their sales extend throughout a great part of New Jersey.  Their products comprise porter, xx, xxx, and stock ales.  Thirty hands are employed in the brewery, and the weekly pay roll is $400.  The value of yearly product is $240,000.

From: Newark, New Jersey's Greatest Manufacturing Centre, Illustrated (1894)

In Looking over the field of the many commercial and manufacturing enterprises which have contributed largely to Newark's importance as a great and leading business centre we cannot fail to be impressed with the widespread extent and scope of the brewing interests. This branch of industry is conducted on an extensive scale and is represented by none better than the old established and widely known Lyon & Sons' Brewing Company.

The special brews of this company are held in high favor and popularity throughout the state of New Jersey, the heavy demand for them taxing the producing capacity of the brewery to its fullest extent. The business was started in 1864 by Mr. D. M. Lyon on the same site now occupied by the company's present splendid plant. (Old Newark Note: The company was bought in 1864 by Mr. D. M. Lyon from the Frielinghaus and Rumpf Brewing Company). Mr. Lyon carried on the business single-handed for three years with signal success. In 1867 he admitted his son William H. as a partner, whose youthful energy greatly lightened the ever increasing burden of the management. Until the year 1882 the style of the firm was D. M. Lyon & Son. In that year Mr. C. D. Lyon was taken in and the firm was known as D. M. Lyon & Sons. Finally in 1890, with a view to still further enlarge the scope of the rapidly thriving business, the concern was incorporated under the state laws of New Jersey, with a capital of $300,00, and assumed its present style -- The Lyon & Son's Brewing Company. Mr W. H. Lyon was made president; L. C. Yon, vice-president; C. D. Lyon, secretary and treasurer, while Mr. D. M. Lyon assumed vigorous hold of the management.

A new era of prosperity now opened, and trade became brisker than ever. The storage capacity of the concern is over 100,000 barrels, the sales amounting annually to 40,000 barrels of lager, ale and porter. Their notable export brands -- Export Edelwild and Kaiser Brau lager, also XX and XXX ale and porter -- are justly famous for their many excellent qualities. Their beer, ales, and porter are thoroughly pure, healthy beverages, made only from the very best material, gently tonic in their action so that they conduce to the strengthening of the human system, create a hearty appetite, and for these reasons have received the cordial endorsement of leading physicians.

The buildings of the company are substantial and extensive brick structures, splendidly equipped throughout, embracing all the modern accessories of the most recently improved brewing establishments. The plant extends 250 feet on Canal Street and 200 feet on Commerce STreet. The capacious storage house is six stories high and the brewery four stories. Their fine storage house was erected in 1890 and altogether the company possesses one of the finest plants in the city. Upward of sixty workmen are steadily employed and twenty wagons are kept busily transporting goods. The promptest attention is given to all orders. Thus, owing to good management and superior products, The Lyon Company continues to progress and firmly holds the trade once it is secured.