Old Fashion Brewery

194-202 South Orange Avenue

Philip Bunn - Proprietor


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From "Newark, New Jersey's Greatest Manufacturing Centre, Illustrated":

The enormous demand which has been created in all parts of the United States for light beers, has made of the brewing business one of the greatest industries of the country.  Nowhere is it prosecuted with greater vigor and success than in Newark.  In this connection we desire to make special reference to the "Old Fashion Brewery", of which Mr. Philip Bunn is the enterprising and popular proprietor.  This brewery was founded many years ago, and in May, 1893, Mr. Bunn acquired control of it, and has since made many extensive improvements.  The brewery, located at Nos. 194-202 South Orange Avenue, covers an area of 50x100 feet.  It is fully equipped with all modern appliances, machinery, steam power, etc., and extensive bottling works are operated in connection.  Lager and bock beer only are brewed, and the output is some 5000 barrels per year.  Only the choicest malt and hops are utilized, and these are handled in such a careful and scientific manner as to produce a beer which is unsurpassed for purity, quality, flavor, and uniform excellence.  The demand for it is steadily increasing in Newark and vicinity.  Orders are promptly attended to, and the most favorable terms are quoted to the trade.  Mr. Bunn has a handsome saloon adjoining his brewery, which is a popular resort.  He is a native of Germany, and has had long practical experience in both Europe and America.