Rumpf & Frielinghaus Brewing Company

89-103 South Canal Street


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The 1860 New Jersey Business Census shows the Rumpf & Frielinghaus Brewing Company at 28/30 S. Canal Street, Newark, New Jersey. This business was previously owned by Jacob Leonhart (1858 Newark Business Directory). The address 28/30 S. Canal Street no longer exists. The road was on the south side of the Morris Canal. The building was located a few doors east of Broad Street and could have been part of Centre Market. The 1860 Newark Business Directory shows the Rumpf & Frielinghaus Brewing Company. Daniel’s partner was Friederich Rumpf. Together they employed eight men at an average monthly cost of $200.00 in labor. The capitol invested in real and personal estate was valued at $8,000.00.

The raw materials used were as follows: 10,400 bushels of malt, 10 tons of hops, other articles and 8 tons of air coal. The combined value was $13,750.00. The annual product was 4000 barrels of French Ale valued at $19,000.00 and yeast valued at $50.00. According to the Newark City Directories the Brewery existed from 1860 to sometime in 1865. The directories show listings for both Frielinghaus and Rumpf for all the years. In the 1864/65 directory there appears an asterisk before the name of Daniel Frielinghaus but none before the name of Frederick Rumpf. When checking the beginning of the directory a notation is found stating that an “*” means that the person listed was not found by canvassers, but supposed to be located as given. The 1865/66 Newark City Directory does not list Daniel but has a listing for Frederick Rumpf, Insurance Agent, 255 Washington Street. The next Newark City Directory shows the occupant of the brewery as Lyon & Son, Brewers of Porter, Pale, Amber, XX & XXX Ales, In Hogsheads, Barrels and Half-Barrels.