C. Trefz, Lager Beer Brewery

Magnolia Street
16 - 28 Beacon Street/13-25 Rankin Street

Formerly Ehehalt's Brewery


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Newspaper Articles

December 3, 1889 - Floods of Beer Freed

Newark, New Jersey's Greatest Manufacturing Centre, Illustrated 1894:

Here in New Jersey and the adjoining State of New York, the growth of consumption has been at a rapid ratio, and the brewery which has made the most substantial progress, and secured the largest proportion of this increase of trade, is without doubt the famous establishment on Beacon and Jones Streets, of which Mr. Charles Trefz is General Manager. The premises are a model of perfection in every respect, and have since been further enlarged and improved by Mr. C. Trefz, son of the elate Mr. Christopher Trefz, whose lamented decease occurred in 1876. His widow thereupon continued the business, pursuing the path outlined by her husband, and meeting with deserved success, until 1888, her son, Mr. Charles Trefz, having come of age became manager.

The premises are bounded by Beacon, Rankin and Jones Streets, fronting upon Beacon Street for two hundred and twelve feet, and on Jones street for one hundred feet. Lately numerous additions and improvements have been introduced and the concern is a perfect type of the most complete modern Brewery, the most perfect in the state. the firm has, at large expense, sunk two Artesian wells, one six hundred and twenty five feet in depth, with a capacity of over five thousand gallons per hour, the other six hundred and fifteen feet in depth, with almost the same capacity. Two splendid ice machines are in operation with a capacity of sixty-five tones in twenty-four hours, while the brew kettles are immense size, the machinery and outfit are elaborate. The cellarage is immense, and Mr. Trefz holds the product at an even cool temperature until thoroughly aged and ripened, and when delivered it is true Lager Beer a magnificent product noted for it delicious flavor, absolute purity and nourishing, tonic properties.

Mr. Trefz is a skilled maltster, all malt purchased is of highest standard, and the selections of choicest hops, with pure sweet water are the sole ingredients used in the processes of brewing. The Lager Beer is thus exceptional quality and purity, and is not only found on tap in all the first-class bars and hotels of Newark and the eState, but is also bottled in enormous quantities for shipment all over the United States and for export to Australia, South and Central America, etc. System and cleanliness are scrupulously observed in all departments, and over all, Mr. Trefz exercises a close personal supervision. From seventy-five to one hundred hands are employed, and the pay averages over $2,000 a week. The brewery has the enormous capacity of one hundred and twenty-five thousand barrels per annum , as against the original output for 1867 of eight thousand barrels. This alone sufficiently demonstrates the remarkable popularity of this brand of Lager.