Wiedenmayer's & Sons Brewery

1858-1880: 124, 126 Hamburg Place

Newark City Brewery

1878-1920: 588 Market Street

1916: 50/56 Commercial Street


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From: Newark, N. J. Illustrated 1893

On the site where George W. Wiedenmayer has has flourishing Newark City Brewery, the making of lager beer has been carried on with varying success since 1850.  The brewery had been run in a small way till on January 1, 1879, when the present proprietor, (whose father, Christopher W., was one of Newark's pioneer brewers), purchased the plant and took possession.  Under his management and guidance the brewery has steadily grown until it has a capacity of 75,000 barrels annually, and with a constantly increasing trade and demand for its justly celebrated product, which deifies competition for age, purity and brilliancy.

Along with the many other important additions and improvements he has lately made, is the erection of an attractive and commodious building in which are his pleasant offices, where the business is transacted and where he receives his friends and acquaintances.  He has also erected a large five story storage building, 40x65, with a capacity of 20,000 barrels, which can be kept at a regular temperature by the most modern refrigerating machines.  Beside the very best cooling apparatus, Mr. Wiedenmayer has gathered into his brewery all the very latest and best improved machinery and appliances for making beer to be found in the country, and has added stables with a stabling capacity for 36 horses, in fact he has remodeled the entire concern in the past few years.  His brewery now covers the entire block bounded by Market, Chambers, & Ferguson Streets, with the rear resting on the Central Railroad presenting unrivaled accommodations for receiving materials and shipping product.  he bottles the product on the spot and makes a specialty of the finer grades of lager beer.  He also brews large quantities of rare ales and porters, which find ready customers among consumers.  Besides being a successful business man and financially sound, Mr. G. W. Wiedenmayer has ever been ready to act well has part as a good citizen.


From: Historical Sketch of Newark 1902

George W. Wiedenmayer, Inc.

George W. Wiedenmayer, Inc, brewers of ale, lager and porter. The name of Wiedenmayer has been known in the brewing line in the city of Newark for about half a century and the head of the present house of Wiedenmayer was connected with the old Firm of C. Wiedenmayer & Co., who were proprietors of the Hamburg Place Brewery. When the old firm retired Mr. George W. Wiedenmayer built a brewery in New Brunswick, N. J. and operated it until 1879, when he sold out his interests there and came to Newark and built the present brewery. His business increased year after year, necessitating the erection of new buildings, etc. and in 1896 he incorporated under the above style. Messrs. G. A. Wiedenmayer and G. C. Wiedenmayer, two sons, are associated with him in the management of the business.

The plant is on South Market street and covers a large space of ground. It is equipped throughout with the latest and best of appliances in the way of brewing apparatus and machinery, and every facility is at hand for the production of a high grade product at a minimum cost. The ales and porters made by this concern have built up a reputation throughout this section for their quality, purity, and excellence. No adulteration of any Kind is used and no ingredient forms part of the manufacture other than pure barley malt, high grade hops, and pure water.