Mockridge & Francis
Mockridge & Son

143/145/147/211 Washington Street
237 Bank Street
97/99 Market Street


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Fine Builders' Hardware, Wood Mantels, Tiling and Brass Goods

The business was established in 1835 as Mockridge & Francis. That lasted until between 1860 & 1871 when it became Mockridge & Son. Abraham, the father, died sometime between 1871 & 1874. The son, Oscar B., took over the entire business. Between 1884 & 1890 a partner was added, Oliver H. Sparks but the name remained Mockridge & Son. Between 1898 & 1902 Oliver H. Sparks dropped out of the business. Sometime between 1902 & 1914 the business folded, and Oscar B. became the Vice President of Security Savings Bank. Another Mockridge may have carried on plane making, Edwin W.