J. J. Hockenjos & Co.

6,7,8, and 9 Canfield Place
829 Broad Street
30 Fair Street


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From: "Newark, New Jersey's Greatest Manufacturing Centre, Illustrated." 1894:

This important and extensive business was established forty-three years ago by Mr. W. B. Bradner, who was succeeded in 1865 by Mr. J. Jacob Hockenjos. Mr. Hockenjos died in 1891 after a successful and honorable career, and the business has since been continued by his widow, Mrs. Anna Hockenjos, and his nephews Messrs. Chas L. Watter and George W. Jagle, under the old firm-name of J. J. Hockenjos & Co. Both Messrs. Watter and Jangle have been brought up and thoroughly trained in this business, and possess an intimate knowledge of the requirements of the most exacting customers. The business is both wholesale and retail, extending throughout Newark, New York, and the State of New Jersey. The premises occupied at No. 829 Broad Street comprise a commodious ground Floor and basement, each being 25 x 75 feet in size, devoted to store purposes. Here they carry always a heavy and choice stock of white lead, paints, oils, varnishes, brushes, window-glass, lamps and chimneys, factory supplies, machinery oils, etc. Only the best and most reliable goods are handled, and the price quoted are as low as the lowest. Orders by mail or telephone are promptly filled, and all goods are fully warranted to be exactly as represented.

From: "Newark, the Metropolis of New Jersey" 1901:

Messrs. J. J. Hockenjos & Company, the leading paint and oil firm on Newark, is composed of Charles L. Watter, a native of Germany, and well known citizen of Newark since 1878, and George W. Jagle, a native of New York, who received his education in the schools of this city and has resided here practically all his life. The former had been with Mr. Hockenjos for thirteen and the latter for fifteen years prior to the death of their esteemed employer in 1891, and purchasing the business adopted the name and style of J. J. Hockenjos & Co. The house was originally established in 1855 by William B. Bradner. Mr. John Jacob Hockenjos succeeded to the proprietorship in 1864 after having been in the employ of the founder for ten years. He was born in Germany and was an expert in paints, oils, etc. whose opinion was popularly sought after. He was also a citizen and man of affairs with his fellow men, and was ever active in the promotion of the welfare of his adopted city and his associates. He was secretary and director of the German Hospital for a long period and a director of the German National Bank. His active business career as manufacturer and merchant for twenty-seven years on his individual account was without a blemish, and his death in 1891 was sincerely regretted by a very large portion of the community who knew him so well.

The firm have their factory at Nos. 6,7,8, and 9 Canfield Place, in which they compound and manufacture lubricating oils, and a store and warehouse at 820 Broad Street and 30 Fair Street, in which they are wholesale and retail dealers in white lead, points, oils, varnishes, brushes, acids, chemicals paints and manufacturers' supplies, etc., their business reaching all parts of New Jersey and extending into New York and Pennsylvania.

Both members of the firm are prominent factors in the order of Heptasophs as well as in business and social circles. They hold membership in the Newark Board of Trade, the Newark Point Oil and Varnish Club and other trade associations.