Waitt & Bond

1919 - 1928: 27 Wickliffe Street
1929 - <1948>: 310 Sherman Avenue
<1948> - 1969: 1180 Raymond Blvd


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From Pete Bruno:

On July 7, 1919, workers in all of Boston's major cigar factories walked off the job. On August 13, Waitt & Bond announced that it was leaving Boston and relocating to Newark, New Jersey. Once in Newark, the company switched from manufacturing by hand to manufacturing by machine. They were able to resume production six months after the strike was called. After Waitt & Bond adopted the use of machinery, other cigar manufacturers began to follow suit and by 1924 almost every other large cigar manufacturer was either using it or experimenting with it. The switch to machine manufacturing allowed Waitt & Bond to substantially increase its production. This, along with the move to a more central location for distribution, gave the company the ability to go after the national market.

In 1963, the company headquarters moved from Newark to Scranton, Pennsylvania. In June 1964, Waitt & Bond's stockholders voted at their annual meeting to rename the company the Blackstone Cigar Co. after its most popular brand. In 1969 the company closed.