Brintzinghoffer Cigars

791 Broad Street
833 Broad Street


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J. Brintzinghoffer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cigars and Tobacco, No 833 Broad Street, Newark NJ.  This business was originally founded by Mr. John Brintzinghoffer, who died in 1889.  Mr. W. Brintzinghoffer, a native of this city, is now manager.  The premises are 12x100 feet in dimensions.  Both a wholesale and retail business in cigars and tobacco is carried on here.  It is a fact that every smoker appreciates choice tobacco of a natural and delicate flavor, and therefore, it is not at all surprising that the cigars and tobacco dealt in by Mr. Brintzinghoffer should prove entirely satisfactory to the most fastidious purchasers.  He is thoroughly conversant with every detail of the business, and is in a position to offer a sufficient variety to suit all tastes and all purses.  He advertises to sell the best five and ten cent cigars to be found in the city.  Those who have tested their quality can testify to the truth of this assertion.  This store is located at No. 833 Broad Street, and every caller is assured prompt and courteous attention.

From: "Industries of New Jersey: 1882

W. A. Brintzinghoffer & Son. Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, Jobbers in Leaf, Manufactured Tobacco, Cigarettes, etc., Nos. 881 and 883 Broad Street. — The cigar and tobacco industry of Newark forms a large branch of her manufacturing trade and one of the oldest leading firms in this line is the house of W. A. Brintzinghoffer & Son.

In 1837 the senior member founded the establishment on a small amount of capital borrowed at a heavy interest, and so rapid was the increase of the trade he was able to very greatly increase his facilities. The premises occupied are a fine five-story building 25x75 feet in extent, in which the factory for the manufacture of cigars is located. The first floor is used for the packing office and salesroom, the second for the stock and packing room, the third and fourth for the manufacturing room, and the fifth for drying. Thirty-eight hands find constant work in all the departments of the house.

The cigars manufactured by the firm are equal to any manufactured in this country, and among the noted brands made special mention may be made of " Brintzinghoffer' s " five-cent straight cigars, which are made up with a clear Havana filler and the best Connecticut wrapper. The stock carried is an extensive one and embraces a large assortment of cigars of favorite brands, smoking and chewing tobacco, smokers' fancy articles, etc. A large jobbing trade is done and two wagons are kept on the road in this branch of the business, the sales made being at the rate of from $150,000 to $200,000 per annum, and cover the best part of the State of New Jersey.

The firm is composed of W. A. Brintzinghoffer and his son Henry, who was admitted to a partnership three years ago. The father is a native of the city of Philadelphia and has served as Alderman of the Third Ward of Newark, where he has been a resident of the city for over forty-four years. His son Henry is a native of Newark.