J. C. Canniff Coal

207 Orange Street


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From: "Industries of New Jersey: 1882

J. C. Canniff, Coal, No. 207 Orange Street. — A representative house in the coal business is that of Mr. J. C. Canniff, whose office and yards are at No. 207 Orange Street. The yards embrace about an acre in extent and are situated along the line of the Morris and Essex Division of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, with a switch from the same running directly into the yards and over the coal bins.

The best of coal is dealt in of the several grades and is supplied throughout the city at the very lowest market prices, and always in full weight. Numerous teams and careful assistants are kept constantly engaged in the delivery of coal, and the best of facilities are employed in the business.

The trade is chiefly a local one, increasing steadily. Mr. J. C. Canniff, the sole proprietor, is a native of the State of New Jersey, and has long been identified with the business interests of Newark. He is an active, enterprising gentleman, prompt and reliable in all his dealings, and merits the excellent trade now enjoyed.