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C. Williams Heilman assumed ownership of the business of his father-in-law, Fred C. Hexamer in 1886.

Funeral Director From To Address
Hexamer, Fred C. 1883 1886 29 West Street
Heilman, C. Williams 1886 1925 29 West Street
Heilman, C. Williams 1926 1942 736 Clinton Avenue
Heilman, Arthur J. 1943 1949/50 736 Clinton Avenue
Heilman Funeral Home 1948/49 1965/66 736 Clinton Avenue

From: Newark and Its Leading Businessmen 1891

C. W. Heilman

Successor to F. C. Hexamer. Established 1873, Furnishing Undertaker and Embalmer, 29 West Street, corner Mercer, Newark, N. J. As long as the present method of disposing of the dead is continued and there seems to be no immediate prospect of its being superseded, the undertaker will hold a prominent and responsible position in the community, and it is gratifying to be able to state that as a general thing, those who assume the delicate and onerous duties of this profession are honorable and competent men. In calling attention to the facilities possessed by Mr. C. W. Heilman we feel that we are serving our readers, for it is always well to know the address of a thoroughly competent and reliable undertaker, and no firm in this city is better entitled to be so classed than the one in question. The business was established in 1873 by Mr. F. C. Hexamer, and so continued until 1886, when Mr. C. W. Heilman assumed ownership. This gentleman is a thoroughly competent and reliable undertaker and embalmer, his business premises being located at No. 29 West Street, corner Mercer, comprising an area of 25 x 100 feet in dimensions, and being very thoroughly flitted up, enabling every order to be promptly filled, while the stock of coffins, caskets, and undertaker's supplies is varied and complete, so that all tastes can be suited. Four competent assistants are employed, and the proprietor gives close personal attention to every detail of his business. Mr. Heilman is very reasonable in his charges, and orders left at his place of business, will receive immediate and careful attention.

From: Essex County Illustrated 1897

C. W. Heilman

Freeholder C. W. Heilman, of the Third Ward, Newark, was born in Germany, near the Rhine, in 1857. When ten years of age he came to this country and learned the trade of toolmaker and machinist. At present he is proprietor of an undertaker's establishment at 29 West Street, Newark. He is president of the Honorary Singing Society, and is a member of the MOzart Singing Society, the Odd Fellows, Chosen Friends and A. O. U. W. He is also Director of the Third Ward Building and Loan Association. Mr. Heilman is an active Republican and has been treasurer of the Third Ward Republican Committee for six years. He is also a member of the Third Ward Republican and the U. S. Grant Clubs, and is also Chairman of the Committee on Public Buildings, of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, a member of the committees on Finance and Lunacy and is identified with the West End Land Improvement Association.

From "A History of the City of Newark"
The Lewis Publishing Company 1913

Charles William Heilmann

Charles William Heilmann, the well-known undertaker of the city of Newark, is one of the representative German-American citizens of the city. He was born in Rheionpfalz, Germany in 1857 and came to these shores when he was ten years of age. In 1882 he entered the business of undertaking which had been established by his father-in-law, Frederick C. Hexamer. Mr. Hexamer founded the undertaking business in which Mr. Heilmann is now engaged.