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John N. Utter began his business in 1873.

Funeral Director From To Address
Utter, John N. 1873 1874 216 Market Street
Utter, E. A. & John N. 1876 1881 528 Broad Street
Utter, J N. 1882 1885 528 Broad Street
Utter & Vreeland 1886 1886 528 Broad Street
Utter, J N. 1887 1891 528 Broad Street

From: Industries in NJ 1882

John. N. Utter

Undertaker, No 528 Broad Street. One of the most prominent undertakers in Newark is Mr. John N. Utter, who has for more than nine years devoted his attention to the duties of this avocation, and ha always been regarded as one of the most considerate and careful gentlemen in the business. He furnishes everything required for funerals, and is prompt in his attendance, day or night. Mr. Utter is a native of Newark, where he is well known and is held in high estimation by the whole community. He is eminently fitted for the duties of an undertaker, his long experience enabling him to attend to all the arrangements of a funeral in the most satisfactory manner to relatives and friends, and has gained the confidence of the public by the care and attention he exercises in the discharge of those duties and as a gentleman who has always been found reliable and trustworthy. He succeeds to the entire business of E. A. & J. N. Utter, and wherever known is respected.