Carl F. Seitz & Son

27,29,31,33 Ward Street

Founded 1859


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From: Newark, The Metropolis of New Jersey at the Dawn of the 20th Century
Progress Publishing Co.
Newark, NJ 1901

Carl F. Seitz is a name prominently identified with fine and medium fur, commonly called felt hats, for almost half a century, and the young expert of that name who now not only controls but drives the industry established by his grandfather in 1859, is esteemed as one of the aggressive and successful manufacturers of the present day. Mr. Carl F. Seitz, the founder of the business, started in a small way with only ten employees, but he made the same high grade of goods, and not only improved with the advancements made in the production of hats, but was himself a most important factor in the development of the fur hat industry. Four additions have been made to the building since then, and today it is a four story and basement brick structure which covers a ground area of 100 by 125 feet at Nos. 27, 29, 31, and 33 Ward Street, is operated by ample steam power, equipped with machinery of the latest devices, and a force of two hundred and twenty five skilled workers are employed therein, producing a daily output of one hundred and seventy five dozen hats which meet with ready sale to jobbers through the selling agents, Messrs, Solley & Conner of Nos. 9 & 11 West Fourth Street, New York City.

Mr. Seitz instructed his son Julius in every practical branch of the business and when competent took him into partnership. When the founder died in 1896, the son continued the works as Carl F. Seitz & Son until 1897, when Mr. K. Hugo Fischer joined him and the style was changed to the Carl F. Seitz-Fischer Hat Co. This association continued until June, 1898, when Mr. Fischer retired and the present Mr. Carl F. Seitz, the son of Mr. Julius and grandson of the founder, joined his father as the C. F. Seitz Hat Co., and in June, 1899, became sole proprietor of the great industry. He was born in Hilton N. J., and was educated in the public schools of this city, after which he entered this factory and took his place at the bench. He acquired a thorough and very practical knowledge of evevy branch of the hat makers art, studied the different details so closely and so intelligently that he became a complete master of the trade in every particular. He also took active part in the business affairs of the house, and in 1899, when his father desired to retire from the responsible control of the great and rapidly growing industry, to look after real estate interests, he knew, and the trade have since then acknowledged, that his mantle fell on worthy and competent shoulders.

In the last ten years the business of this house has increased fully seventy five per cent. Today the large force of employees are driving the handsomely equipped works to their fullest capacity, and another enlargement of facilities will in a very short time be demanded.

Mr. Seitz was born in 1869, and is consequently very little more than thirty years of age and the youngest hat manufacturer in the country today. He is popular member of the All Down Bowling Club, and an enthusiastic bowler. He is also an esteemed member of the Green Street School Alumni o Newark, the West End Club and social societies.