Park House

27 Park Place (old #)
86-88 Park Place

Opened before 1838
Closed 1901


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Newspaper Articles

January 28, 1900 - The Park House Sold

From: "Industries of New Jersey: 1882

Park House, Park Place, F. S. Brockway, Manager. — The Park House is the leading and only centrally located hotel in Newark, and has achieved a place in the consideration of the traveling public that puts it on an equal rank with the best in the country, and reflects credit upon the ability of its management. It is first-class in all its appointments and contains everything that pertains to the comfort and well-being of its guests. The house is commodious, the chambers being well ventilated and lighted, the hall-ways broad, with attractively furnished parlors, and the dining-room is spacious, the menu including all the substantiate and delicacies in their season.

The location of the Park House is one of the best in the city, being directly opposite the Military Park, and is readily accessible from all the depots by horse cars, which pass the door every few minutes. Mr. F. S. Brockway, who has charge of the house, is a gentle man of large experience in hotel business, and was formerly the proprietor of the Metropolitan and Creighton Hotels, in Boston, and also of a favorite summer resort at Martha's Vineyard. He is from New Hampshire originally and during the time he has been in Newark, which dates from 1881, has enjoyed popularity and is accorded the highest consideration as a genial host and public-spirited citizen. He has the rare talent of being an accomplished vocalist and has the ability to please his guests in the rendition of choice operatic selections. He also has considerable dramatic ability and occasionally appears on the theatrical stage in behalf of local causes of a deserving character. His handsome and accomplished wife also has rare talent in this direction. These facts, in conjunction with the exalted name of the Park House, account for its popularity, prosperity, and favor.

From "Newark, Handsomely Illustrated, 1894"

For quiet, comfortable, homelike surroundings and superior table at moderate prices, the popular Park House is one of the best stopping places in Newark.  The location, opposite the Military Park, Nos. 86 & 88 Park Place, is a most desirable one, easy of access salubrious, and pleasant.  Mr. H. Koellhoffer, the popular proprietor, (re)opened the Park House in 1889 and has since secured a most desirable patronage.  He gives personal attention to the management of the house, makes every guest comfortable, and is one of those genial men whose friendship is prized and his hospitality sought again whenever the traveler or guest returns to the city.  The house is 50 x 175 feet in dimensions, and is elegantly equipped and furnished throughout.  It contains all modern improvements, and has forty rooms available for guests.  The table is always amply supplied with the best in the market, properly cooked, and the attendance upon guests is all that can be desired.  All the rooms are well lighted and ventilated, and the sanitary arrangements are perfect in every detail.  The Park House is a model of neatness, cleanliness and order, and in these respects has no superior in Newark.  Mr. Koellhoffer is highly regarded for his strict probity, and we heartily recommend those who appreciate the comforts of a house to make their stay when in the city at the Park House.

From "Official Guide & Manual of the 250th Anniversary Celebration" 1916:

Park House stood on the site now occupied by Proctor's Theatre, on the east side of Park Place opposite south end of Military Park.  Many eminent persons stopped there.  Henry Clay spoke from the steps on November 20, 1833.