Allsopp Brothers Jewelers

60 McWhorter Street

1887 -


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The Allsopp Brothers of 60 McWhorter Street, were acknowledged leaders as manufacturers of diamond rings and fine gold rings with precious stone settings. In fact they have made the language of rings almost as familiar and as popular as the language of flowers to the aesthetic mind. They made gift rings for every month in the year, and mounted rings to convey sentiment in accordance with the meaning of the precious stone used, the garnet signifying fidelity; the bloodstone, courage or wisdom; the topaz, good cheer; the diamond, affection; etc. Monthly gifts are for January, garnet; February, amethyst; March, bloodstone; April, diamond; May, emerald; June, agate; July, ruby; August, sardonyx; September, sapphire; October, opal; November, topaz; December, turquoise. All their rings have their trade mark, a capital A with a five pointed star stamped on the inner surface, and their goods were sold by high class retail jewelry emporiums all over the union.

The two brothers, Henry and George A. Allsopp, were both practical jewelers, were born in England and came to Newark in 1881. They commenced their Jewelry business in 1887 under the firm name of H. Allsopp & Co. but in 1892 when they removed to their McWhorter Street location, they adopted the style of Allsopp Brothers. They started with three employees and in 1901 gave steady work to thirty-five, and kept four traveling salesmen continually on the road. They were members of the N. Y. Jewelers' Board of Trade and the Jewelers' League of the United States.

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