Dressel's Newark's Oldest Bookstore

552 Broad Street


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Owned by Charles Henry Dressel. His father came over here from Germany. Charles' wife was Anna. Her parents came over here from Scotland. They both were born about 1870 and died about 1940. They are buried in Fairmount Cemetery, in the family plot they created, on Central Ave., Newark. Their home was also on Central Ave. nearer to Broad St. (Pam Dressel's great uncle) "Wally" is their son, Walter Dressel. He worked at the store and was responsible for driving the motor vehicle (deliveries?), as no one else knew how nor wanted to learn.

When he was young, 8 yrs old or so, Pam's dad used to sit in the back of the book store and take the customer's money for purchases and give back change. Some would be reluctant to give their money to such a young boy but his Grandpa, the store's owner, assured all that yes, that was his cashier! My Dad just loved having a grown up job for a while.