Lauter Piano Company

657/659 Broad Street

Established 1862


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The Lauter Piano Company was established on Broad Street in 1862 by S. D. Lauter. In its heyday they shipped pianos to every state plus the West Indies and South America. S. D. Lauter established the following rules for selling his pianos:

1. Uniform and just prices based upon a sensible profit.

2. The sale of reliable pianos only.

3. The giving of a guarantee with each instrument that would absolutely insure the buyer.

4. The easiest possible terms of payment.

Upon the death of S. D. Lauter in 1885, Mr. Charles E. Cameron became the managing head of the business. It was at this point that the company went from a piano seller to a piano manufacturer and seller. A new factory for piano production was built at 58 - 68 Lackawanna Avenue, directly opposite the Lackawanna Railroad Station.