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Amelia Earhart91 viewsFeb 13, 2018
Amelia Earhart81 viewsAmelia Earhart is surrounded by a crowd after flying nonstop from Los Angeles to Newark. She is the first woman to fly nonstop across the United States.
Photo by George Rinhart
Dec 21, 2017
Flying Class for Fledglings61 viewsAmelia Earhart noted woman pilot is seen here instructing a group of potential 'Eagles' of school years in the mysteries of flying. The transatlantic flight heroine is demonstrating the alluring science with a miniature model plane, that has all the regulation plane controls and gimmicks despite its toy proportions. It happened at the Newark N.J. airport.

Photo from Bettmann
Dec 17, 2017
Howard Hughes78 viewsJanuary 19, 1937
Photo from University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries
Oct 08, 2016
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