Arena Restaurant

93 Market Street


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From: "The Brickbuilder"

The exterior of the building is of brick and exposed timber work stained a dark brown. The grill room in the basement front is finished in chestnut, handcraft silvered effect, with high panel wainscot and shelf. The rear of basement provides for a complete kitchen equipment with pantries, refrigerators, steam heating and ventilating plant. The main restaurant, 23 by 138 feet, is 20 feet high with a balcony 20 by 25 fet supported on marble columns. The vestibule is finished in tile with mahogany trim. Over the vestibule is located the toilet for men. At the rear of the fist floor is a balcony for musicians and private tables, under which is located the service pantry, ladies' toilet and retiring room. The interior decoration is of Louis XVI style with vaulted ceilings and skylights having designed ceiling lights and glass to match. The color scheme is a blending of cream, gold, and terra cotta. The cost of the building was $30,000, making 24 cents per cubic foot, figure from cellar floor to roof.