Dennisson, J. N.

245 N. J. Railroad Avenue


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From “Industrial Interests of Newark” 1874

The fame of Newark for producing the best steam fire engines has greatly increased by the valuable inventions of Mr. J. N. Dennisson, now engaged in their manufacture at the above location.  The variable pump, which has added so much to the efficiency of steam fire engines, is of Mr. Dennisson's own invention.  As this pump is used in the construction of his machines, they have no points of inferiority compared with the best fire engines made.  Mr. Dennisson also has patents on several pumps of different sizes, all of which go to make up the excellence of his productions.  His other patents are a concentric ring piston, and an improved hose rivet, which latter adds 20% to the strength of hose.  Not content with these great improvements, Mr. Dennisson has invented and patented an air pump, with large and small cylinders, for compressing air.  His machines are all made in the crane neck style, with hose carriages constructed in a similar manner, and they are all light weight engines.  They are capable of throwing the same quantity of water as engines weighing one-third more, and are so finely constructed as to permit of being run with or without fly wheels, and will not stop on the centre at any rate of speed.

The piston pump is used, but with Mr. Dennisson's peculiar and superior manufacture, will not "jump" on the water any more than the rotary pump.  It is only necessary to say that his productions have all the requisites of first class machines.  They are sold in the largest cities of the Union, and meet with general approval.  In a word, with light weight and easy running qualities, the Dennisson engine has all the powers and capabilities of the heavier machines made by other manufacturers, and the public may rest assured that it will keep pace in added improvements with the demands of the times.

The crane neck hose carriages of this manufactory are provided with a patent brake, managed by the driver, on the hose reel  Mr. Dennisson supplies with his engines the best qualities of leather and rubber hose, and also a general line of fire supplies.  He employs 10 hands, the weekly payroll being $150.  The annual production amounts in value to $30,000.