Proctor's Park Place Theatre

84 Park Place


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From Newark NJ and Its' Attractions 1911:

There is not a vaudeville theatre in the country where better entertainment is provided than at Proctor's Park Place Theatre in Newark, and few places where the performances are anywhere near as good.  It is a Proctor maxim that only the best obtainable talent shall be offered for the amusement of the patrons of the houses on which the Proctor name appears, and nowhere is it lived up to more than in Newark.  Cleanliness, courtesy on the part of attendants, and ventilation, and special arrangements for the comfort of women and children, are other things which the management requires and for which Proctor theatres are noted.

At the daily matinee performances there are a thousand seats for twenty-five cents, all reserved, and shoppers by the hundreds take advantage of that fact every day, combining a little pleasure with their business trips to the center of the city, or from the suburbs to the Newark shopping localities.

Seasons make little difference in the character of the shows which are presented, the Proctor standard of quantity and quality being upheld at all times, the result being that this theatre has justly earned the name of giving the best show in town from one end of the year to the other.  At every performance there are eight or more acts, each of a character such as is put on the stage of the ordinary vaudeville theatre as a "headliner" attraction, and every week there are new and humorous moving pictures, the selections being made especially for the Proctor houses from scenes which have not been previously shown elsewhere, and which add greatly to the general entertainment.  In fact, there is given in Proctor's, in Park Place, nothing but top-notch productions of the entire vaudeville field, culled by special agents in every part of this country and Europe and presented under the best possible conditions.