Whitehead & Hoag

<1892>-<1911>: Washington & Warren Streets
<1911>-<?>: Sussex Avenue, First & Dickerson Streets


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From: Newark the Metropolis of New Jersey. At the Dawn of the 20th Century. 1901

The Whitehead & Hoag Company have utilized celluloid in its most attractive character, the advertising novelties produced by them in this material being by far more handsome and artistic than anything else which is offered in the line of personal advertising or appropriate souvenir work.

This company was first organized under New Jersey laws in 1892 with a capital of $500,000. Its progress has been so rapid that in 1899 the capital stock was increased to a million dollars, and the plant at Washington and Warren Streets, originally a three-story building 50 by 80 feet in floor dimensions, has been increased by the addition of a 50 by 100 feet four-story structure and another of like area and five stories in height. The aggregate of floor space is nearly one hundred thousand square feet, and there are several hundred persons employed by the company in the manufacture and sale of buttons, badges, banners, flags and an almost infinite variety of taking advertising novelties in celluloid, metal, ribbons, silk and woven fabrics. The plant, though only eight years in existence, is the largest of its kin in the world, and the goods it produces are sold all over the civilized globe. The main business office is in this city and at the works, but branch offices are maintained in no less than 30 leading cities, the one in London, England, being under the personal management of Mr. A. J. Keil, the secretary of the company. The other officers and directors are Newark's highly esteemed citizens.

Mr. Benjamin S. Whitehead is the president and is a native of Newark and a graduate of her public schools..

Mr. Chester R. Hoag, the vice-president, was born in Pennsylvania, but has been a citizen of Newark for many years.

Mr. William A. Jones, the treasurer and counsel of the company, is a native of New York State. He is the active treasurer and legal adviser of the company.