Elizabeth & Newark Horse Car RR


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From Streetcars of New Jersey: Metropolitan Northeast

The Elizabeth & Newark Horse RR was chartered on March 25, 1864, with Benjamin Williamson, Joseph P. Bradley, Richard P. Haines as directors.  It was authorized to build a streetcar line from the Pennsylvania RR station at Morris Avenue and Broad Street, Elizabeth, north along Broad Street, right onto Newark Avenue/Frelinghuysen Avenue, right onto Miller Street to end at the junction of the Broad Street RR tracks on Broad Street.  Its fares were set at 5 cents for under two miles, 10 cents for under four miles and 20 cents for over four miles.

The route, as built, began at the Erie RR 4th Avenue Station, Newark, south on Ogden/South Bridge/Front Streets, right onto Mulberry Street, right onto McCarter Highway, right onto Thomas Street, left onto Pennsylvania Avenue to end at Miller Street.  In 1886/87, when Jacob Davis was president of the company, the line was extended by turning right onto Miller Street, left onto Elizabeth Avenue/North Broad/Broad Streets to end at the Pennsylvania RR Station at the Arch, Elizabeth.  The track was laid to a 4' 10" gauge.  By 1888, the company operated 38 cars with 130 horses.

When Charles Thurston became president in 1883, the company saw rapid growth and improvement.  A new carbarn and stables were built on Bergen Avenue at Montgomery Street.  Both of these buildings had brick walls and slate roofs and housed 400 horses.  This carbarn became an end of the line depot for several routes.