Erie Railroad Company

Fourth Avenue n. Passaic River: before 1898 - after 1940
418 Washington Avenue/882 Broadway: before 1926 - after 1940
6 Riverside Avenue: before 1926 - after 1940
800 Highland Avenue: before 1926 - after 1932
21 Grafton Avenue: before 1926 - after 1940


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Newspaper Articles

August 12, 1906 - Forrest Hill Residents Score Erie Railroad
August 19, 1906 - Riverside Drive at the Foot of Chester Avenue, A Spot that is Bound to Increase in Importance

On October 17, 1960, the Erie Railroad merged with the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad to become the Erie Lackawanna Railroad.

Photos from The Canteen web site

The Erie Lackawanna Railway unofficial web site

From the 1874 Newark City Directory:

Short line between Newark and New York and the most comfortable and direct route to all parts of the West.

From "Newark and Its Leading Businessmen" 1891

The Erie Railroad reaches Newark by way of the Newark and Paterson Railroad, which it practically owns.  Its depots are at the foot of Fourth Avenue, At Chester Avenue and in Woodside.  This road affords accommodation to a large number of people in the northern part of the city, as does the New York and Greenwood Lake Railroad which extends from Greenwood Lake to Jersey City, a distance of over fifty miles.  This road and its Orange branch, enter the city at its extreme northern boundary.