Essex Passenger Railway Company


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From Streetcars of New Jersey: Metropolitan Northeast

The Essex Passenger Railway Company was chartered on March 24, 1874, with John McGregor, Sylvester S. Battin (president) and John Ballantine as directors.  It began to consolidate the Newark operating streetcar companies and the Rapid Transit Street Ry of the City of Newark through either lease or stock purchase.   in 1885, it aquired the Newark & Bloomfield lines and the Orange & Newark Railway.  By 1887, it operated 50 miles of tracks and 138 cars with 702 horses.

In 1889, the Essex Passenger Railway Company built the line on Avon Avenue, Irving Turner Boulevard, West Kinney and Washington Streets, and west two miles up Central Avenue.  The line was five miles in length.  This was also the year the Belleville Stables were enlarged for an additional 82 horses.  The warren Street line was rebuilt in 1889.  It began at the junction of the tracks on Orange Street, down West Market (Warren) Street, to Market Street and Springfield Avenue.

On June 23, 1890, the Essex Passenger Railway Company was consolidated with the Hudson & Bergen Street Ry into the Newark Passenger Ry.  This was a Philadelphia syndicate that would merge or control all of the lines in Newark and most of the surrounding areas.