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This is a very large watercolor painting of the entire Murphy complex circa 1900-1910. The details and sheer size of this work is truly compelling! It measures approx. 2' high by 5' long!! I bought it about 5 years ago at an estate auction because I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I have displayed it in my home and still love it, but I keep thinking that it is a piece of history for Newark and would be appreciated more by those who love the history of Newark. I would be willing to sell the piece if it would go home to Newark. If there is anyone that has an interest in the painting please contact me at:
07/16/08 at 17:31Guest_vincent a.: I strongly urge you to donate it to the Newark Pub...
571 viewsMy grandfather, Enrico (Federico) Salerno, started a waste paper business at 325 Chestnut Street, Newark in the early 1920's. He had three sons working for him: Louis, John, and my father, Ernest. The business name was E. Salerno & Sons. The little green colored building was dwarfed by a hugh white building that eventually bought them out. That paper business was owned and operated by a Mr. White (I believe).
This photo is of the building which has since been torn down (in about 1985) and incorporated as a loading dock for the larger, White building.
Photo from Ernie Salerno
03/17/08 at 01:59Guest_Corinne Kalodes: Great job Ernie. I rated it a 5 of course. Its so ...
546 views12/08/07 at 20:41glenn: This should be in Newark but there were buildings ...
546 views12/08/07 at 19:56Guest_Anon: WAS THIS BUILDING IN EAST NEWARK
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