Business Founded Address
Ace's Pizzeria   Hawthorne near Hunterdon
Annex Bar photo   103 Roseville Avenue
Arena Restaurant   93 Market Street
Argyle Bar   157 Washington Street
Barone's Bar   Market Street
Bauerle's Saloon & Cafe   217 Mulberry Street
Bavarian Village    
Belmore Cafeteria   790 Broad Street
Biase's Bar & Grill   451 Bloomfield Avenue
Black's Tavern   Prince & Montgomery Streets
Blue Castle System   414 Broadway
Blue Mirror Lounge <1940> 273 Clinton Avenue
(Cornelius) Bradley Bar   223 Bank Street
(James Aloysious) Bradley Bar   52 Market Street
Otto Brandt's Inc.    
Brill Street Bar   Brill Street & Fleming Avenue
Broad & Market Tavern    
Cafe Di Jianne photo   17 Central Avenue
Cafe Dubonnet photo   54 Park Place
Canton Restaurant <1954> 212 Mulberry Street
Charles Kolb Restaurant   102 Market Street
Childs' Restaurant   655 Broad Street
40 Park Place
158 market Street
Clipper Ship   122 Roseville Avenue
Dave's Long Bar   Hawthorne between Bergen and Hunterdon
Ding Ho Restaurant <1954> 58 Green Street
Don & Barney's Oyster House   50 Branford Place
Dwyer's Elbow Room & Black Sheep Bar   456 Broad Street
Eppes Essen   Hawthorne Avenue
Globe Chinese/American Restaurant   603 Broad Street
Golda's Bar   Fleming Street
Grill Room   842 Broad Street
Hobby's Delicatessen   32 Branford Place
The Hour Glass Restaurant   57 Branford Place
Ideal Vegetarian Restaurant   97 Mercer Street
Jimmy Buff's   14th Ave and 9th Street
Kelly's Restaurant photo   58 Park Place
Krug's Tavern   118 Wilson Avenue
Lallasher’s Tavern   Warwick Street
Lillie Cafe   17th Avenue & Lillie Street
Loft's Candy Store    
Lustig's Delicatessen   449 Clinton Avenue
Lydon's Bar   South Orange Ave and South 12th Street
McCarthy's Candy Store    
McCarthy's Tavern   49 Bergen Street
McGovern's Tavern   58 - 60 New Street
McGreevy's Cafe   85 Passaic Street
Merry Go Round   23-25 Elizabeth Avenue
Robert Miller's Saloon   45 Hayes Street & Fourteenth Avenue
Millman's Restaurant    
Newark Airport Restaurant    
New Bohemian Garder images December 27, 1910 Central Avenue near Broad Street
The Novelty Bar & Grill   218 Market Street
Otto's Tavern   Centre Street
The Palais Joy   807 Broad Street
Park Cafeteria   23 W. Park Street & Broad Street
Park Restaurant images <1913> Park Place & Broad Street
Penn Bar & Restaurant   247 Market Street
Perris Restaurant   25 Branford Place
Pride of Newark   Clinton and Hunterdon
Rainbow Diner   542 Central Avenue
Reservoir Restaurant   14th Avenue and 9th Street
Reznak's Tavern   Brill Street & Fleming Avenue
Rickershauser's Ice Cream Store    
The Roost    
The Royal Restaurant   482 Clinton Avenue
Royal Palais photo   Broad & Market Streets
Rusty's Long Bar   Broadway & Bloomfield Ave.
Sea Crest Clam Bar   Bloomfield Avenue
Shanghai Restaurant <1961> 212 Mulberry Street
Skyway Restaurant   Rouye 1
John Slattery's Central Cafe    
John E. Smith Tavern   97-99 Lang Street
Sonny Carroll's Supper Club   149 Meeker Avenue
Star Pizzeria   16th Avenue
Stash's   106 Hawthorne Avenue
The Tavern   444 Elizabeth Avenue
Teddy's Tavern   Barbara Street
Teitlebaum's   Bergen Street
Terrace Room (Frank Dailey's) photo   Broad Street
Verandah Restaurant before 1850 284 Broad Street
Washington Restaurant   Washington Place & Broad Street
Weequahic Diner   306-308 Elizabeth Avenue
Wenzel's Wonder Bar & Grill   504 Orange Street
White Castle    
Wonderpool Tavern   Frelinghuysen Avenue
Zeigler's Candy Store   South Orange Avenue
Zig's Chop House   589 Central Avenue