A. Hollander & Son

90 Polk Street
127 - 159 E. Kinney Street


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From "Newark, The City of Industry" 1912:

A City is largely judged by the character and extent of its mercantile and industrial establishments and from this point of view Newark stands in a most favorable light in the public eye. A very large percentage of the business institutions of the city are in a flourishing condition and show from year to year a gratifying growth. Prominent among this class of business establishments is that conducted by the firm of A. Hollander & Son, dyers and dressers of furs.

This is one of the oldest established business houses of Newark, dating back to 1889, and has experienced a remarkable growth. The origin of the business was at 90 Polk Street, when Adolph Hollander, senior member of the present firm, started with four workmen and some light machinery driven by a treadmill worked by a mule. From the start the business was well managed and its growth has been without interruption, until today it is recognized as one of the largest fur dressing and dyeing establishments in the world.

The present headquarters are on East Kinney Street, where a group of fourteen buildings may be see, all used in various departments of the enterprise. The numbers on East Kinney Street run from 127 to 159 inclusive, where more than three hundred thousand square feet of floor space is utilized, all the larger and more important buildings being brick. The number of employees at work varies with the season to some extent, during busy times as many as four hundred and fifty persons are employed.

Quite in contrast with the equipment used at the start of the business is that now seen. The necessary power is furnished by two engines, generating four hundred horse power, and everything about the factory is up to date. Twelve horses and eight wagons are in use.
The business stands among the leaders in the fur industry, and is mentioned in the trade journals in a highly complimentary manner.
The members of the firm are Adolph Hollander, his sons, Harry Hollander, Michael Hollander and Benjamin W. Hollander, and his son-in-law, Albert Hollander. Harry Hollander started with his father at the origin of the business, Michael Hollander became a member of the firm in 1897, and Benjamin in 1902. Albert Hollander has been associated with the business the past five years.

Mr. Hollander, senior, is a well known figure in the business world, and outside of business interests, his name is held in kind remembrance because of his generous support of various charitable institutions. He is a philanthropist and takes delight in doing good to many of the poor and distressed. The younger men in the business have had the advantage of first class schooling under Mr. Hollander's wise supervision, and are well prepared to assume the duties of the establishment.

The firm is active in advancing the interests of Newark, and is a member of the Newark Board of Trade as well as other local organizations. The financial rating of this firm, as may be judged without further comment, is of the highest.