N. Van Ness

15 Mechanic Street


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From: "Industries of New Jersey: 1882

N. Van Ness, Manufacturer of Saddlery Hardware, Nos. 15 Mechanic Street. — In 1845 — now a period of over thirty-seven years — Mr. Van Ness established himself in Newark as a saddlery hardware manufacturer, now making a specialty of the finest qualities of this class of goods. The factory is a four- story brick building, all of which is utilized in the trade, the first floor of which is set apart as the stock and salesroom, and the three upper floors are used under the manufacturing department. The factory is fitted and suitably equipped with machinery, which is driven by a steam-engine of five-horsepower, and from twenty-five to thirty hands are regularly employed in all the departments of the house.

Stock bearing a representative value of $8,000 is carried, consisting of every class and style of saddlery hardware, equal to the best goods in the market. A large trade has been established, and sales are equal to $35,000 per annum, the patrons of the house being located all over the United States. Mr. Van Ness was in 1877-78-79 an Alderman of the city and has given his life and energies to the progress of the trade.