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1638 viewsI found that someone with the same name as his great-grandfather, an Alois Holle, had a "saloon" on 201 NJRR Avenue in 1891. My Dad passed away this past December, and as I was putting his things in order, I came across a very old family album belonging to Dad's grandmother. One faded picture from the late 1800's shows a family group posed in front of what seems to be a tavern or restaurant. The photo has nothing written on it to identify it. A sign in front of the establishment advertises "F.J. Kastner Lager Beer." The photo was taken by "S. Marksville professional photographers" in New York. It says they specialize in "architectural, mechanical and landscape photography," with "special rates given to the mercantile trade". As I looked at some of your old maps, I could see that NJRR Avenue was close to some of my ancestors' addresses (Howard St., Spruce St., and St. Mary's Parish in Newark Abbey). Almost every other photo in the collection is from a Newark photographer. Do you have any suggestions for helping me identify this photo?
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