Horse Car Railroads

The pioneers in street car traffic were the Orange and Newark Horse Car Railroad Company, who obtained a charter from the Legislature in 1859. This road had its origin in the dissatisfaction which was felt among the people of the Oranges at the wretched management of the old Morris and Essex Railroad.
The owners of the new horse car company decided to construct a line from Orange to the Market Street Depot, which would enable the residents of Orange to avail themselves of the facilities offered by the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company (Pennsylvania Railroad). Lawsuits were filed against this proposal by business owners on Market Street. In December 1860 the courts ruled in favor of the Horse Car Railroad. The outbreak of the Civil War delayed the start of the project until the spring of 1862. The first track was laid through Market, Bank and Warren Streets to Roseville (today that path is known as West Market Street). Soon Orange was connected to the Market Street Train Depot.
A number of other Horse Car Railroad lines sprung up serving Elizabeth, Irvington, South Orange, Montclair & Bloomfield. In 1890 a Philadelphia syndicate took control of all the street car lines in Newark with the exception of the South Orange Line and consolidated them under the title of the Newark Passenger Railway Company. During the late 1880's, electrification of the horse cars began.

Horse Railroad Started Ended
Belleville & Newark Horse RR
before 1881 after 1892
Elizabeth & Newark Horse Car RR
before 1874 after 1898
Elizabeth Railway Company before 1890  
Essex Passenger Railway Company 1874 1890
Ferry Street & Hamburgh Place Ry 1880  
Hamburgh Place Horse Car RR 1869 1880
Newark & Bloomfield Street Railway Company
before 1874 after 1890
Newark & Irvington Street Railway Company
June 1868 1890
Newark & South Orange Horse Railroad
Spring 1868 after 1898
Newark, Bloomfield & Montclair HRR
before 1871 1876
Newark, Harrison and Kearny Railroad Company 1884  
Newark Passenger Railway Company    
New Jersey Traction Company before 1892  
Orange & Newark Horse RR 1859 1885